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Binary Light Saber Zoom

Product Description

The Double Sided Binary Light Saber boasts two fiber optic Stardust Blades on either side of the 6 inch LED Flashlight handle. The sabers illuminate all 27 color modes, and collapse into three pieces (two blades and center handle). The Blades are customizable to lengths of 18", 21", and 24". Requires only one AAA rechargeable battery, so your blades will stay bright for those all-night raves! 

Included in Order:

  • Stellar Series Double Sided LED Flashlight

  • 2 Stardust Sabers

  • 3 Rechargeable Batteries

  • Charger 

Binary Light Saber

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Quick Overview

The Double Sided Binary Flashlight consists of three pieces, an LED powered center handle, and two fiber optic blades. Perfect for showing off your light show art!