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Rave Fluffies / Furry Boot Covers

We have more furry leg warmers than you can possibly imagine! Fluffies are a huge fashion trend at raves and we are here to help you find the perfect pair to match any rave outfit. We have single colored fluffies, some with sparkles, multi-colored, striped, rainbow, UV reactive, LED fluffies and the list goes on. Some of the most popular furry leg warmers on our site are by Indyglo. Indyglo uses super soft long-pile faux fur and stretchy lycra fabric for the knee bands to create a well fitting super fuzzy leg warmer. Several of the camo furs by Indyglo are also UV reactive and will glow under black light. It might be hard to customize your own pair of fluffies just because there are literally hundreds of different combinations of faux fur and knee bands colors to choose from. Another growing brand of fluffies we offer is J. Valentine. They were the first company to make LED fluffies and they did it right! Each set comes with a pair of faux fur furry leg warmers, replacement bulbs and detailed instructions. Exclusively sold at Rave-Nation, Fluffies by BB is another brand we offer. Super bright and wild Fluffies by BB uses soft faux fur and a stretchy lycra for the knee band. Here at Rave-Nation we also offer a fast shipped fluffies section with some of the more popular styles so you can grab a pair last minute.Go check it out for yourself!!

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