Electric Daisy Carnival is a name as famous to many ravers as Tiesto or Skrillex, but in many ways it is still a mystery, why?  Because Electric Daisy Carnival almost always gets sold out!  With crowds breaking 300,000 attendees it is one of the few shows in the famous Las Vegas area that actually beats the city at its own game.  Though Electric Daisy Carnival is held in other cities like New York the Las Vegas show is the big one, so big in fact that the entire tour is subtitled The Road to Vegas!  Incredible music often from dozens of world class headliners blasted on one of the world's largest sound systems in conjunction with lighting and lasers that make the rest of Las Vegas feel jealous and inadequate is only the beginning, Electric Daisy Carnival is known to inspire some of the most elaborate raver costumes ever seen.

That is sure to be the case again this year as the three day event held on June 21st, June 22nd, and June 23rd will be happening at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway but no one knows for sure who is headlining yet.  So why is Electric Daisy Carnival already selling thousands of tickets?  Because like all years there will not be one great headliner at this year's event but several, on several stages with some of the best lighting and sound systems used in any concert, festival, or event in the world. 

Electric Daisy Carnival has been held in Denver, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, and even San Juan, Puerto Rico, but for the best experience ever at a rave thousands of hardcore ravers, kandi kids, and glow stickers will tell you EDC Las Vegas is the best party of the year.  Though the Las Vegas heat can be brutal during the summer time during the day the EDC event is held from dusk till dawn, and the Vegas heat is great for an all-night rave!

One of the reasons Insomniac events likely chose Las Vegas as the spot for the most massive of the massive EDC tour events, the warm summer air in Las Vegas gives chance for beautiful raver girls from around the world to show up in not only elaborate costumes but also sexy two piece raver outfits, bikini's, and tutu's.  One thing you will not see is leg warmers, as the night air is just too warm to make them comfortable, but not only women get in on the action, some of the best, (and for you ladies sexiest) costumes are worn by men, with last year boasting outfits as clever as teams of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a white Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!  More than a few times people have been known to show up in nothing but a black box that says censored (one of the best) and many girls simply show up in panties and pasties.  Sexy is in at EDC but clever is better, with animal hats, cyber falls, and tutu's being extremely popular, so ladies don't just go sexy, have fun with it!