Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the premier raves of our time.  If you haven’t been then you are 100% missing out on an experience of a lifetime.  EDC changed the game for EDM festivals in America.  Starting out in Los Angeles, California in 1997 it quickly became an annual festival.  Hitting a landmark in 2010 EDC was the biggest electronic music festival outside of Europe, gaining the nickname “American Ibiza”.  After gaining such popularity after the millennium EDC spread to Texas and Colorado and has since hit Florida, New York and even Puerto Rico in recent years.  But tragedy struck in 2010 when a 15-year-old girl died of suspected overdoes after attending EDC L.A.  Since the minimum age of EDC is 16 this caused a lot of controversy for the rave held by Insomniac Events.  With this suppose lack of properly checking identification at EDC and the widely stereotyped association of ravers and hard drugs the city of L.A. kicked EDC to the curb.  Although this unfortunate accident did happen there’s no way Insomniac Events can prevent people from using fake ID’s or sneaking in drugs no matter how thoroughly they check.  They aren’t TSA.  And they especially can’t prevent drug use, the only person that can is you. 


That’s when Electric Daisy Carnival made a new home in Las Vegas, Nevada and continues to thrive there.  Las Vegas is the perfect place for EDC because the city is already all about over the top parties and staying up till the sun comes up.  Having gone to EDC Denver in 2011 I can tell you that it is so extravagant and detailed, EDC Denver was very well planned out but it is no where near the level of Las Vegas.  Even with insanely high attendance, around 300,000 ravers, DJs playing till the sunrise and ridiculous LED backgrounds and strobe lights everywhere that’s not what makes EDC EDC.  What makes Electric Daisy CARNIVAL so special is in its name, all the daisy!   Just kidding it’s the CARNIVAL.  There’s a huge full scale carnival set up inside the rave and you get to ride on all of these crazy spinning rides while listening to your favorite DJs as many times as you want for free.  Maybe not for FREE but unlimited carnival rides are included into the ticket price so remember that when purchasing one.  Not only are there carnival rides but elaborately dress go-go girls, jugglers, clowns on stilts, marching bands, hula hoopers, girl dancing in giant metal rings and pretty much anything you can think of that’s associated with a carnival.  The entertainment at EDC is expected to interact and play around with the crowd to even more enhance the atmosphere.  Ladies are all decked out in neon and daisies while there’s also a daisy fountain to keep cool and over the top art installations.  This is way more than just a rave it’s an event of a lifetime. 


Since EDC has grown so big over the years they can get the biggest DJs and so many up and coming artists.  The lineup for EDC Vegas 2013 isn’t out yet but we’ve come to expect a certain standard from EDC looking at the past line-ups.  It’s not unusual to see names like Kaskade, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Skrillex and so many more every year.   Held in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway there’s plenty of room to set up the carnival rides intertwined with the stages.  You could actually go ride the Ferris wheel while watching the main stage it’s unreal.  EDC tries to spread out their events so you can get a little dose throughout the year.  First up for 2013 is New Yorks 2 day EDC on May 17th & 18th.  Then they are continuing on the road to Chicago for their first time ever hosting EDC in late May.  After that is the main event in Vegas, which is always held in June, but the weekend chosen varies, this year it’s the 21st-23rd.   This year in Vegas they are having EDC week that will feature pool parties, special club events, award shows and more.  The growth and popularity of this Vegas rave has allowed them to dedicate a whole week to celebrate music.  EDC Orlando was held last year in November making it one of the rare winter festivals.  No dates have been released yet for Puerto Rico but it’s commonly held in August or September.  Rumor of an EDC in Texas for 2013 have surfaced but nothing is confirmed yet.  Sadly it looks like Electric Daisy Carnival doesn’t plan on coming back to Denver any time soon though and definitely not returning to California. 


Insomniac Events, the creators of Electric Daisy Carnival, hold numerous events in California from big name festivals like Nocturnal Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland and Audiotistic to small concerts.  Although they have a main focus in California they have conquered the EDM scene in America with their high standards for festivals.  Kicking EDC out of California did not stop them from growing forward with their projects but rather fueled it to become bigger than one could image.  


No matter the time or place of EDC you can expect an incredible line up, fully loaded entertainment and spin you till you’re sick amusement rides.  The energy and passion that comes from these raves and the producers is unmatched by anything else.  Whether it’s your first rave or your hundredth, Electric Daisy Carnival is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.