Light shows are becoming a more and more common occurrence in the raver culture and for good reason.  Ravers like colors, brightness, and a chance to be social and light show provide a way to experience each of these aspects of their personal interaction with the universe in a slightly different way each time.  For a raver there are few things better than enjoying a good time with a friend and some colorful lights no matter how that works out, so a lightshow is pretty awesome on occasion. 

                There are a few ways to give a light show that are common and all of those ways are pretty fun both for the artist and the viewer.  Lightshows can be performed with glow sticks, although that is an old method that is less common today, microlights can be used, or anything bright and colorful will do.  When microlights are used there are a few options a raver has to consider; just one microlight per hand, a glove set with a microlight in each finger, orbitals which are a group of microlights strung together to make circular patterns.  The other option is poi which is where two strings are tied to lights, sometimes oggz or flowights sometimes glow sticks or again microlights.  Poi is fun because the lightshow artist gets to twirl the poi around in circles.  Orbitals are entertaining because they are made to be simple and also have a fun circular pattern like poi, but on a much smaller scale.  Poi can take a lot of space to practice though and orbitals can lose their flavor after a while so many ravers turn to glove sets or microlights for their shows.  Micro lights are fun and cheap but many ravers who can afford it turn to glove sets because 10 lights in your face all at once can be pretty entertaining. 

                Glove sets are easier to use than the other methods of giving a lightshow but have another advantage.  Wearing the lights on the fingers makes it easy to entertain and gives the advantage of interpersonal contact while giving the show.  While poi artists often are off in their own world having fun, glove sets require close interaction with the person lightshows are performed for which means getting to know people better and not accidentally hitting someone with poi, which is all too common for the average poi artist.  Its lucky ravers believe in PLUR! 

                Glow sticks, microlights, poi, orbitals, or glove sets?  There are a lot of options but each has a unique and worthy reasoning.  Many ravers have tried them all, glove sets when they want to go all out, glow sticks when they spent all their money on other stuff, and poi once in a while just for fun.  It really does not matter what lights are used as long as the artist is having fun and so are the viewers and truly most ravers could care less how they get their lightshow as long as it is from a friend.  In the end that is what raving is about and that is what ravers are about; friends.