For many ravers Nocturnal Wonderland is the biggest rave they will ever attend.  Typically housing five stages and as many as 60 artists Nocturnal Wonderland is known for housing many of the biggest headliners in the world from genres ranging from trance to house to drum and bass and more.  There are typically so many headliners at the event that each stage houses at least one during the night, and the biggest stages are home to several. 

                The stages themselves are each memorable for many ravers and hundreds of hours are put into perfecting each one each year.  The Labyrinth is famous in its own right, being the most lavish and colorful designs and a wall of speakers often standing 20 feet tall.  In the last few years aside creative abstract designs trapeze artists have been added to the spectacle making it one of the most memorable stages of any rave in America.  Alice's House is often a chill zone but in recent years the laid back house music on this outdoor stage has been replaced with a more upbeat grouping of house djs, likely to accommodate the growing number of younger ravers attending this awesome event.  The Sunken Garden is typically a Drum & Bass stage and is often considered the most energetic, not only because of the Drum & Bass but also because MCs are known to accompany some of the biggest Drum & Bass djs in the world.  Other stages are known as the Queen's Grounds which was formerly a place to see non-musical attractions and the Upside Down room now used as a mixed genre stage.

                Nocturnal Wonderland, originally called Nocturnal Festival was originally held in varying venues in California, but now is held not only in California but also in Texas, many ravers hope to see another incarnation on the east coast.  It has held some of the biggest names in the industry including ATB, Cosmic Gate, Fedde Le Grande, Pretty Lights, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Showtech, Dirty South, Zed's Ded, Ferry Corsten and countless others.  In the last few years it has become a two-day event making room for the huge line-ups that sexy girls in raver outfits and guys loaded with micro-lights and Orbits love. 

                Many ravers travel across the country to attend this event and rave costumes are often intricate and detailed.  While the lighting and sound stage are both phenomenal one could almost go just to watch all the glow stickers, poi artists, and lightshows provided by all the glove sets and orbitals at this truly massive event.  That is not to mention all the incredible free hand dancers utilizing styles like pop & lock, liquid, tutting, drifting and even krumping.  It can be an almost overwhelming experience for a new raver and that is part of the fun!  Ravers in sexy costumes are accompanied by ravers covered in Kandi and flashing led watches, sunglasses, an even pacifiers. 

                Surrounded by lights, wonderful vibes, watching one of the many incredibly impressive stages playing music over one of the biggest sound systems in the world makes for one of the best experiences a raver could ever have.  Insomniac Events is known for these types of raves but Nocturnal Wonderland is one of the first they ever threw and a certain amount of love can be seen in the quality of production.  All this combines makes Nocturnal Wonderland worthy of a 12 hour drive.