What is a rave and what are ravers?  Ravers are a youthful, creative, and colorful group, and that last part is quite literal.  Ravers have their own style, and that style often includes bright colors both in the form of clothing and accessories.  Ravers appreciate bright and cheery things in a number of ways.  The first is in the form of lighting.  Rave events are well known not only for electronic dance music but also for elaborate and colorful stage productions.  Lasers, black lights, LEDs, smoke machines and elaborate sets are common of raves and reflect the people who attend them.  Those people, ravers, are unique in many ways including choices in music, clothes, and perhaps most of all ideology. 

                Ravers often believe in a concept called P.L.U.R.  The letters in that acronym stand for peace, love, unity, and respect, and mirror the behaviors and actions of many ravers.  It can be seen in the brightly colored clothing but also the often openly sexual and seductive clothing as well.  Raver girls are known across the country to attend events in two piece outfits, fishnets, and other provocative clothing.  This shows the open-mindedness and belief in non-judgmental mentality shared by many ravers. 

                Although social situations still give rise to the occasional conflict many ravers believe in talking things out over conflict, forgiving as opposed to holding a grudge, and non-violent means of resolution.  Unlike rap music which is dominated by male mentality ravers are dominated by a more feminine mindset and that means girls are more likely to feel open in a rave environment, they are also more likely to be shown respect despite the enticing clothing than one might expect from the nightlife community. 

                Male ravers are often known to be involved in the production of music, to practice intricate dance styles, or what is commonly known as a lightshow.  Lightshows are a part of the artistic lifestyle of many ravers.  A lightshow is a dance routine focusing not on the movements of the human body but rather a set of "dancing" lights, usually utilized with a set of micro-lights, glove sets, glow sticks, or some pair of led (light emitting diode) toys. 

These lightshows are often performed very closely to the individuals face prompting the question "would you like a lightshow?"  This commonly asked question shows a unique aspect of the common raver, a simple desire to show others enjoyment.  It also displays the very common raver tendency toward close interpersonal relationships and an open willingness to share personal space between one another.  It is not uncommon to see ravers sitting closely to one another sharing inner most feelings in the middle of a large, loud event.  Ravers see raves as being as much about being social as enjoying music and time spent with friends in a smoking area is almost as good as being in the middle of the dance floor to many ravers. 

                Ravers like bright colors and bright lights, as well as expressing personal style.  This makes led accessories great for many ravers and it is not uncommon to see both male and female ravers literally twinkling with bright colors.  Many ravers enjoy giving and receiving lightshows and also playing their own music or listening to a friend play.  Local djs are the stars of the local rave culture and for many ravers the friend's house where music can be played the loudest should always be coupled with the friend's equipment that is most enjoyable to play music on.  This shows the cooperative nature of ravers and demonstrates why they are not ashamed to stand out from the normal crowd.  They do not have to be, they surround themselves with positive personal acquaintances and so feel confident in two piece raver outfits and bright led lights!